9 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has seen its value grow steadily over the last few years. This is not just because it’s just new or there’s a novelty in it, but because it has attracted big investors who are putting serious money into the currency.

Bitcoin is global

Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world. It’s not subject to regional constraints and can be traded at any time of day. And, with physical currencies such as the dollar, when inflation occurs, you lose your buying power over time. With Bitcoin, your dollar value remains intact no matter what happens.

Bitcoin is fast

Bitcoin is an online currency that is sent from one person to another through your cell phone. It can be used for anything, anywhere in the world. The currency is accepted at stores including Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy, and Staples, as well as restaurants including Burger King, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC and Starbucks.

Bitcoin is secure

One of the main reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin is because it is secure. The blockchain solves any issues relating to double-spending, which means that if you have a bitcoin, no one else can spend it. It also requires a lot of energy to mine new bitcoins, so there’s a finite supply of them.

Bitcoin is borderless

Bitcoin is a borderless currency that is not subject to the same regulations as traditional fiat currencies. This means that you can send bitcoins from one country to another without any fees. In addition, there is no limit to the number of bitcoins in circulation. All of these factors help bitcoin maintain its value and grow in value over time.

Bitcoin has low transaction fees

Bitcoin has very low transaction fees because it does not rely on a middleman as traditional payment services do. Because the exchanges are decentralized, funds are not pooled onto one system. This means that no singular institutional player can charge high transaction fees to have priority, which is why the fee for sending one bitcoin is just $0.03 – quite low in comparison with other service providers.

Bitcoin was designed to give people choice

Unlike traditional banking, Bitcoin was designed to give people true choice. 1) You can choose whether or not to convert your money into digital currency. 2) You can choose who will manage their life savings. 3) You can select what kind of mobile device they’d like to use and where they want their information stored (e.g., locally on a mobile phone or with a service in the cloud).

Better than other currencies

Bitcoin was created with the intention that it would not be controlled by any government or financial institution. No one can dictate how much Bitcoin should be worth because it is determined on the fluctuating market. The lack of a central governing body means no one has to worry about unpredicted inflation or deflation or other policies that, in contrast, common currencies are subject to.

No record of transactions

The Bitcoin system is set up so that no single party has the final say about the rules and what transactions get confirmed and recorded. Anyone running the Bitcoin software essentially becomes a part of maintaining and updating it. The decentralised nature of Bitcoin’s infrastructure means that users don’t have to rely on any one group, corporation or government for their security and well-being.

Unbeatable currency

Bitcoin is democracy at its finest. Anyone can join the Bitcoin economy, investing in bitcoin and mining it, with full democratic birthrights. Thanks to this open system, Bitcoin has the potential to last the test of time and remain unbeatable in the battle against any fiat currency.


Bitcoin wallets and cold storage units were designed to give people choice when transacting in Bitcoin. These choices make it easier to share in the digital economy like never before.