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How to apply for an IPO in Zerodha?

How to apply for an IPO in Zerodha

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for an IPO in Zerodha. But, before you submit your IPO application on Zerodha, Ensure you have BHIM App linked to your account number. For this, the procedure is mentioned step-by-step below.

Now, It is important to link the bank account number with the let’s see the step by step process on

How you can link your account number with the UPI application.

  1. Open the UPI application
  2. Click on the profile option. Usually, a round icon at the top left-hand side of the application is there.
  3. Here you will see your name and mobile number. Scroll down a bit
  4. Here you will get an option of UPI IDs under the payment setting.
  5. Click on it to see the UPI ID that you can share with anyone to receive money.

On successful registration, a default ID, i.e. mobilenumber@upi, will be created. You can add one more Virtual Payment Address (VPA) by going to the profile section.

Congratulations, you can enjoy the service like sending money by clicking on send. You can request someone to pay you some amount by clicking on Request, and you might have seen the different bar codes on various shops. You can scan and pay them too. However, you will get options on your home screen too.

How to apply for IPO in Zerodha

Now see the exact process to apply for IPO in Zerodha and follow them step-by-step for the successful application process.

Remember, they will not be able to check your account details attached with the UPI ID. so, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have linked your account number with the UPI ID you have provided. If you are following the steps mentioned in this article, you need not worry. As you already have linked your account with the UPI application successfully. If you have not linked UPI ID with your bank account, the application will be rejected.

Video Tutorial on How to apply for IPO in Zerodha

Remember, if placing bid for the first time

  1. Console modifies your bid application from 10 AM – 4:30 PM. You will be able to trash your application in between 12 PM – 4:30 PM.
  2. However, the mandate can’t be cancelled in UPI application if bid application is either deleted or you have revoked your mandate propsal from bank.
  3. Accept new madate propsal if you want changes in bid.
  4. You can verify bids your details at NSE after one day of placing application.
  5. If you didn’t get IPO allotment, you get your money refund money.
  6. Zerodha does not charge any application fee.
  7. You only pay tax and a penny charge on Demat debit transaction.

Final Thought

For the bid details verification, you can visit the exchange’s website the next day after submitting an application. I hope you like the IPO placement application on Zerodha which is very easier. Thanks for being with AvinashBharat.

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