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OnePlus Nord Launched Ready for Sale in India

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OnePlus Nord Launched Ready for Sale in India

OnePlus Nord launch invites are available for purchase in India — days ahead the formal debut of the new smartphone. Customers purchasing the invites will be able to experience the new OnePlus phone in augmented reality (AR) following the official launch that is taking place on July 21. In addition to hands-on experience, OnePlus claims that it will host a Launch Day Lottery on Amazon for the invitees of the OnePlus Nord launch to offer them assured gifts. The new smartphone will be the company’s affordable offering, designed specifically for India and Europe markets.

Amazon India is selling the OnePlus Nord AR Launch Invite with a price tag of Rs. 99. Once you purchase the invite, you need to download the OnePlus Nord AR app from Apple App Store or Google Play to attend the virtual launch and get the AR hands-on experience of the new smartphone.

OnePlus said in a release that the invite includes a QR code that users need to scan on the OnePlus Nord AR app to initiate the virtual experience. The company will provide on-screen instructions to help you view the immersive space on your smartphone.

The new marketing move by OnePlus comes just days before the official launch of the OnePlus Nord. The company is also set to kick off the pre-orders for the new model via Amazon starting July 15. Customers pre-ordering the phone are required to pay Rs. 499 in advance. Moreover, the company is claimed to offer pre-ordering customers benefits worth more than Rs. 5,000.

OnePlus will host the OnePlus Nord launch in India at 7:30pm on July 21. Alongside the new smartphone, the Chinese company is expected to unveil its first truly wireless earbuds at the launch. The earbuds, which are speculated to be called the OnePlus Pods, were recently teased through the company’s social media channels.