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Shaheen Bagh firing again Watch video

shaheen bagh firing again
shaheen bagh firing again

Protests are going on in the Shaheen Bagh of Delhi, about CAA, NRC and NPR. During this, a person opened fire in Shaheen Bagh on Saturday. Police has arrested the person who fired. Police is questioning the accused youth. However, there is no report of any demonstrator’s injuries or casualties from this firing. Who is Kapil Gujjar Wiki Biography.

A man fired two rounds of bullets on saturday where protestors have been demonstrating against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The man fired bullets in the air after which he was taken into custody by the Police. The man claims to be Kapil Gujjar, a resident of Dallupura village, near Noida border.

According to reports, no injury or casualty has been reported.