Total Number of Coronavirus cases in India: Corona virus has a severe impact on GDP and Stock markets around the world. as it has collapsed the business trade jobs and the whole lifestyle of people around the globe. if we talk about the total number of coronavirus cases in India that is 20 died out of more than 800 cases in India.

But, fortunately Indian government has taken quick initiative to fight against corona. and in was the first country who seized it’s border, canceling visas and denying entry to all but a select few foreigners.

Some states, such as Kerala, are beginning to beef up internal borders, taking the temperature of passengers in cars and screening people on trains.

In the state of Maharashtra, which has recorded the most cases in India, at least 15 people escaped from two hospitals, according to officials and Indian news outlets.

Doctors say it is either that there are many more cases in India that have not been detected, because of the difficulties of getting tested, or that India has indeed managed to so far escape the worst, possibly because of quick and strict efforts right from the start.

However, more than 1800 people are died around the world.